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Blueship embraces 3 meanings.
First is “blue”, from blue ocean strategy, finding an uncontested blue ocean and cultivating it. “An organization that focuses on an untouched, niche market space and creates new business.” “An organization which co-creates with customers a world without competition.”
Second is a “ship” sailing into the blue ocean. Each one of us is a crew cooperating to operate a ship called Blueship. “An organization that values teamwork.”
And third is “blue”, from blue-collar workers, indicating “producers” and “engineers”; and “ship”, from words like sportsmanship, meaning spirit. The two terms signify the concept of “an organization that will not forget the spirit of creation.”



Each bar represents the individuality of “people” of which Blueship is composed, and their aggregation portrays “words” which change into various forms depending on the meaning.


The equation to service

What is Blueship's "Service".  What is the service Blueship brings to our customers.  What is our customers demanding from Blueship.
Everyday, each and everyone of us here at Blueship is asking ourselves these questions in order to advance our services to better and newer service.

What is Service?

For instance, consider this equation for relativity:
E = mc2
What a simple formula for diverse and complicated phenomena,
accurately capturing their substance in an orderly fashion.
Truth is always beautiful.

Blueship' s objective is also quite simple.
"IT (information technology)" is our denominator,
bolstering "quality" and "hospitality"
Multiply that with "style"
and you get "value", which is what we offer.
This is our equation for "service".

Some say it's enough to have quality and hospitality,
and there's some truth in that.
But as Einstein once said,
"Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler."

This "not simpler" part is important.
And that's why we boost the equation with "style".
This, is "service", Blueship-style.

What is Quality?

Quality is "customer satisfaction" minus "expected value",
which means quality is high if CS exceeds EV, and low if CS falls below EV.
Customer satisfaction in this case includes "perceived quality (evaluation after use)"
as well as "perceived value (acceptance of price)".
High-quality products are bound to generate "word of mouth (recommend to others)"
and "loyalty(continued use)".

"To satisfy the customer is the mission and purpose of every business," says Drucker,
often called the father of management and the world's best scholar in the field.
Satisfaction beyond expectations = Quality.  This, is Blueship'promise.

What is Hospitality?

First, mind your "manners".  And your language and how you look.
Next, add "faith" and "favor", then take "initiative" to offer them in good will,
and you'll get "hospitality".

Taking initiative is the important part,
because without initiative, you're left with only required minimum level of manners.
We must think about how we can put ourselves in customers'shoes
in order to anticipate what they want or feel comfortable with, so we can serve them.

Such initiative will lead to satisfaction of not only customers but our staff as well,
because hospitality makes people happy on both sides,
to those who receive it and to those who offer it.

What is Style?

We embark on business with respect to "norm" and custom
yet transcend such boundaries with advanced technology and "passion".<br>
Note our insistence on labeling technology "art" instead of words like technic or skill,
for we feel all of our technical endeavors should be evaluated as "works" of art.

We adapt flexibly depending on the situation,
to "optimize" business as an organization.
As the value of optimization increases,
"style" takes on the form of a team play, not as individuals but as a group.

Because of this style,
quality and hospitality, often taken for granted,
adopt our original, Blueship-style, found nowhere else.

The equation to service, again

"IT is service.&rdquo"
But is that really so?
We continue to question this, always.

IT becomes true service
only by creating value appropriate for the investment
that results in our customers achieving success and expansion in their businesses.

We aim to evolve IT into service.



With IT as our major platform,
we will take the initiative, with good faith and will,
to increase the degree of customer satisfaction.
With respect to the norm, we will strive for technology advancement with a passion,
optimizing our business as an organization.
This, is how our equation was derived, to offer IT as a service.

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FAX: 03-6434-1211

Head office:Cross Tower 17th floor, 2-15-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002, Japan

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